Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DuckDuckGo is my new search engine

Google has always helped me find my results but sometimes their privacy policy is annoying.

Imagine google has all our details, search preference, locations. They can literally sneak on us, back track and sell us to giants. This is exactly how google is making profit, selling our preferences to big companies. What shocked me was an article about google helping some officials to monitor a person by providing all information about him.

Duckduckgo is pure search and it does not record user information. Occasionally supported by advertisements, it is an open project from an engineer named Gabriel Weinberg.

Most interesting feature in my opinion is the summary like short description that DDG gives as a search result.

Rated as one among the top 50 sites of 2011 by Time magazine, duckduckgo is built with Perl, generated with Nginx, and hosted on Freebsd servers. Thats a great combo. Perl has always excelled in word processing and extraction. Nginx is a great performer in webservers. Freebsd has the true power of unix system.

Read why duckduckgo is better than google.

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